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From the Desk of Evert Hoff, Founder and Owner of
RE: Closely-Guarded Secrets to Winning Contests

Dear Fellow Contest Enthusiast,

If you’re on this page, it’s because you enjoy the thrill of entering a contest and anticipating winning a great prize, but you are frustrated because you don’t win often enough (or haven’t won anything yet) and you want to take your hobby to the next level and start to win your fair share of cars, holidays, cash and other great prizes!

In the five years that Contest Chest has been running, many members have written to me with questions and suggestions. Some of these people have become great pen friends with whom I correspond regularly and they share with me when they’ve won prizes and I prompt them for tips on how they manage to win so often. Other members have written to me that they are frustrated because they haven’t won anything yet. I want all members of Contest Chest to have the best possible chance of winning and decided to put some tips together.

However, I quickly discovered how secretive the top contestors are about their strategies for winning. It is a very competitive hobby and the top winners understand how to get the odds in their favor and part of that is to keep their winning strategies for themselves.

To encourage them to share their tips, I appealed to their inner contesting selves and launched a contest with a large prize in exchange for sharing their tips for entering contests.  It was a win-win arrangement, they stood a chance to win cash (the most coveted of all prizes!) and in return I received valuable tips to share with you!

I defined the rules of that contest in such a way that people were rewarded to provide the very best tips. Those who submitted better tips received more chances of winning.

The participation in that contest was astounding. Many of the site’s most active members and top winners participated. After I disqualified all the people who tried to stand a chance of winning without having any worthwhile tips to share, more than 100 valuable submissions remained. Between these people who had participated they had won more than $72,000 in prizes in just the last year!

And the quality of the tips were also excellent — I’ve read most of the books with tips on winning contests on the market and these tips go above and beyond. Most books on contesting are written from the perspective of just one person and describe just their personal system. But, here I got tips from 100 top winners — there were some best practices that overlapped between many of these winners, but often some of them had additional tactics that others didn’t know about.

They were given the following sections and many of them provided tips in all the sections:

  1. Finding contests. Where and how to find contests, including the use of contest aggregates and search engines.
  2. Entering contests.
  3. Increasing your chances of winning, including how to make your entry stand out.
  4. Ensuring you receive what you’ve won.
  5. Contest rules, including what to look for.
  6. Getting organized.
  7. Avoiding danger, including spam, viruses and malware.
  8. What to watch out for.
  9. How to avoid scams.
  10. Do’s and don’ts, including how to avoid getting disqualified.
  11. Best types of contests.
  12. Best types of prizes, including big or small.
  13. Different ways to enter, including postal, web, etc.
  14. Time saving tips.
  15. Tips for specific types of contests, including in-store, creative, effort, photo, purchase necessary, referral promotions.
  16. Social media. For getting entries, for socializing, etc.
  17. Forums.
  18. Working together with other contestors, including communities, clubs, etc.
  19. Which contests to enter.
  20. When to enter.
  21. Software and tools.
  22. How to stay motivated.
  23. Other. Any other tips related to contesting that don’t fit into one of the categories above.

I’ve now compiled all these tips from over 100 people on all these topics into a book that you can get access to right now.


Closely-Guarded Secrets To Winning Contests Members Reveal How They Get An Advantage in Winning Contests
By Evert Hoff, Founder and Owner of

Closely-Guarded Secrets To Winning Contests

When you get a copy of my book, here are some of the things you’ll get:

  • Patterns of action and habits that are common among the most frequent winners.
  • Whether it is better to enter every contest you can find or to target specific ones.
  • How to get organized to save yourself time and ensure that you’ll know when you’ve won.
  • The story of one person who won a $1,000 prize by being the only one to read the rules of a contest carefully and act on it.
  • How to automate your entries as much as possible without getting disqualified.
  • What to do about contests that ask you to put in a lot of effort — should you skip them or are they worth the effort?
  • How to write something that will make your entry stand out without getting you disqualified or diminishing your chances.
  • What to do about contests that require you to use Facebook, Twitter and other social media.
  • How to increase your chances of winning any contest.
  • And much more…


So how much will this cost you?


If you wanted to pay top contestors yourself to share their secrets with you (provided you could find and get access to them), then this is at least what it would cost you.

If you think of the $72,000 that was won by the 100 people who provided tips in the last year, then even at $500 it is a good investment.

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Best regards,
Evert Hoff

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